Ensure the highest quality customer relationships, prevent and reduce churn, and boost customer lifetime value!

Gather with customer success professionals from across the country to discuss the most up-to-date information on new and important topics including: customizing engagement across diverse channels and segments, boosting customer lifetime value, and reducing and preventing churn.

10+Hours of Networking
10+Patient/Caregiver Speakers
5Provinces in Discussion
11Case Studies
2In-depth Workshops

Gain new insights for your company:

  1. Achieve buy-in: Gain support from executives and deliver value
  2. ROI in CS: Demonstrate the value of returning customers
  3. Manage risk: Identify issues before they arise to reduce customer churn
  4. AI and Big Data: Innovate your CS capabilities
  5. Break down silos: Integrate across departments for greater customer-centricity
  6. Customer health scores:Determine customer health with quantifiable methods
  7. Employee engagement: Motivate your CS team to deliver results
  8. Customer journey mapping: Provide support throughout the customer lifecycle
  9. Product advocacy: Foster brand advocates among your customers
  10. VoC programs: Harness feedback to improve your products and services

Download the brochure to see what’s in store at the first-ever Customer Success Summit Canada.

Source 10 approaches to your biggest areas for PX improvement:

  1. ROI in PX: Demonstrate value of PFCC to leadership and staff
  2. PAD Legislation: Communicate effectively and maintain trust
  3. Co-design: Source strategies from successful case studies
  4. Refugees: Improve care for new Canadians
  5. PREMs/PROMs: Tools and tactics to benchmark your performance
  6. Interprofessional Collaboration: Ensure continuity of care
  7. PFACs: Enable councils to contribute meaningfully in any sector
  8. Home and Community Care: Engage with hard-to-reach patients
  9. Senior Care: Decrease complications and increase satisfaction
  10. Staff Experience: Ingrain PFCC through staff engagement