1. Canada’s first large-scale Customer Success Summit
    The Canadian Customer Success industry faces unique challenges and opportunities in improving relationships with customers. At the first and only event of its kind, you will take away tactics, seek inspiration, and source new strategies that are relevant to your needs.
  2. Best practices from across North America to improve CS
    With top U.S. and Canadian speakers, this event is bursting with content to address your most urgent needs. Gain insights on everything from reducing churn to product advocacy to customer journey mapping, all in one place!
  3. Lessons learned from non-traditional SaaS organizations
    To offer a unique perspective on the topic, this event offers several sessions from Customer Success executives outside of the SaaS industry. Discover what you can learn from non-traditional organizations who harness Customer Success to boost their company’s growth.
  4. Gain organizational buy-in for broad Customer Success transformation
    Realize the business impact by combining sound strategy with tactical implementation. Enable your Customer Success team to bring theory into practice – build better engagement, client satisfaction, and increase customer lifetime value.
  5. Implement proven Customer Success strategies in your organization
    Push your company forward with insights from Microsoft, LinkedIn, Infor, Oracle, Pinterest, MuleSoft, Facebook, Cisco Systems, and many more!